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Property Division

At the Law Offices of Ellen B. Lubell, our divorce lawyers assist clients in achieving fair divorce settlements in terms of financial support and property division.

We understand that "fairness" encompasses more than money; it can only be attained by taking into account your specific goals and life situation. Therefore, we seek to maximize your settlement within the parameters you determine are reasonable in terms of time, money, and impact on the future relationship you will need to maintain with your ex-spouse.

We listen closely to your goals and then, drawing upon Ellen Lubell's 30 years of legal experience, advise you on strategies that can be pursued and likely outcomes you can expect. Whether through negotiation or litigation, we will vigorously protect your interests.

If a spouse is being dishonest

There are certainly instances when a spouse is claiming assets that are far lower than might be expected. Perhaps the spouse has not declared all income, or has moved assets into off-shore trusts. Attorney Ellen Lubell will move swiftly to engage a forensic accountant or business valuator to locate and properly value those assets.