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Legal Separation

There are several reasons why clients of the Law Offices of Ellen B. Lubell choose to pursue a legal separation before or in lieu of divorce:

  • Religious interdictions against divorce
  • Moral principles
  • Highly complex business or family relationships that make divorce exceedingly complicated
  • The health needs of an ill or disabled spouse

The process of obtaining a legal separation is the same process as obtaining a divorce. The only difference is the outcome: a court decree of legal separation results in the division of property and, if there are children, a parenting plan but, in a legal separation, the two parties do not have the right to remarry.

If a couple who has obtained a legal separation later wishes to divorce, the court will convert the separation to a divorce without a repeat of the divorce process. It is a simple matter.

Attorney Ellen Lubell and her team of family lawyers, legal professionals, and expert consultants assist couples in building a separation agreement in Connecticut family court.

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