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Jurisdictional Challenges to Divorce

At the Law Offices of Ellen B. Lubell, we assist our clients in accomplishing a divorce in a timely manner. Laws governing divorce vary from state to state, and some of our clients find that the divorce laws in Connecticut are more amenable to their situation and goals than the laws in the state in which they reside.

In order to bring divorce proceedings forward in Connecticut courts, one member of the couple must have resided in Connecticut for one year, after which time that party may seek a judgment from the court. The spouse living in another state may challenge this filing; it is our role as divorce lawyers to present a credible claim as to why the case should be heard in Connecticut.

Why seek a Connecticut divorce?

  • Connecticut has no-fault divorce, thereby removing the need for spouses to engage in acrimonious airing of private issues that can be particularly damaging to the interests of children.
  • In Connecticut your case will be heard by a judge, not a jury. This spares you and your family from the public spectacle of a jury trial.

Attorney Ellen Lubell understands your desire for private family matters to remain confidential and ensures that all personal information is handled with the utmost discretion. As a small firm, we can assure you of very personalized service, direct access to your attorney, and a consistent team throughout your case.

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