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Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

Clients of the Law Offices of Ellen B. Lubell are highly mobile; you may no longer live in the state or country in which you originally were granted your divorce and child custody agreement, although your children may still reside there. This can create difficulties when a former spouse refuses to comply with the divorce or child custody agreement.

For example, your parenting plan may specify that your child spend summer vacation with you, but your former spouse has chosen to send the child to summer camp instead. You do not wish to spend considerable time and expense asserting your rights in court in another state. It is more convenient, less costly, and sometimes fairer for the court in the state in which you are currently residing – Connecticut – to enforce the parenting plan that was ordered in another jurisdiction.

Attorney Ellen Lubell, always aggressively protective of her client's rights, will persuasively argue that the claim should take place in Connecticut family court. An experienced trial lawyer, she will then proceed to obtain enforcement your court order.

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Child Custody